Manga Pick of the Week: Witch Hat Atelier by Kamome Shirahama

This weeks manga pick is called Witch Hat Atelier, and it’s one I am very excited about! It follows Coco, a normal girl with a strong admiration for the witches of her world and the magic they cast to make it better. Coco wants nothing more than to be a witch herself, but sadly wasn’t born with the ability. However, when she uncovers a secret and accidentally casts a forbidden spell all on her own, Coco is forced to leave home.

Manga Pick of the Week: The Walking Cat by Tomo Kitaoka

This week's pick is one that I think everyone can enjoy, but especially if you’ve ever had a cat. It’s an anthology that follows a cat named Yuki as it traverses the apocalypse and meets a variety of humans trying to adapt to and survive the circumstances to the best of their abilities, now with the seemingly added responsibility of watching over a cat.

Manga Pick of the Week - Blue Period

This is one of my favorite ongoing series right now, and potentially one of my favorite manga of all time. It follows Yaguchi, a top student and charming delinquent on track to get into a college that will earn him a high pay, white collar job. However when he accidentally discovers a passion for creating art, he dedicates himself to improving his skills from scratch in order to test into a highly competitive art school.