Diary of a Tuscan Bookshop by Alba Donati

This book talks a lot about books that change lives, apparently not realizing that it itself is changing a life. I feel changed, finishing this book, sitting at a table in a cafe I have been visiting for as long as i can remember, drinking an iced coffee I only recently started to enjoy.

I thought alot about how I should write about this, how I should organize my thoughts, and landed on quotes. The book is written in diary entries, focusing on the author's day, what happened at the bookshop, and memories and tales of her life the author decides to share. I don’t keep a diary, but I did write down a bunch of lines from the book that struck me, so I think I’ll quote a line then write about it. And at the end, just like in the book, I’ll list today's orders - I hope you’ll like the peek into what people are ordering as much as I did.

School for Good Mothers by Jessamine Chan

Do we have the right to be a bad mother? 

My friends and I have called ourselves the Bad Moms Club for the past 22 years, bonding over the mistakes we made as we struggled through each phase of our children’s lives, gaining courage and support by talking things through. We admitted our shortcomings and listened with empathy to each other. 

In Jessamine Chan’s world, we’d have our children taken away.

Tokyo Aliens by Naoe

Do you believe in aliens? Do you think aliens have visited us before? Have you considered that they might already walk among us?

That is the case in this week’s manga pick, where earth has a secret but booming tourist industry, as a destination spot for wanderlust aliens. There is however, an entire legal process and laws for aliens to follow during their time on earth. And if they step out of line, a police force called the Alien Management Organization is there to dole out the consequences, while regular humans remain unaware.


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